Sans Algorithm

by Jason York

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The ingredients for Jason York’s third full length album include jazz, rock, funk, techno, industrial, reggae, and more. In similar fashion to his debut album, Archive, York has concocted a vast soundscape of many different styles that keep the listener guessing at what may come next. Sans Algorithm is fueled mainly by Jason’s intricate basswork which traverses many different techniques. From the straight forward funk sounds of “Sound Latrine” to the distortion drenched tones of “A World With No Apples,” each track illustrates Jason’s growth as a songwriter and arranger.

Sans Algorithm takes the better parts of Jason York’s previous two albums and fuses them together to form a new audible representation of the mind of a truly strange individual.


released July 15, 2008

Jason York - Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Bells and Programming
Morgan Cook - Drums and Vocals on "Anti-Intro"
Shaun Anderson - Lead Guitar on "Sacrificial Anode"

Album Artwork by Lillian York



all rights reserved


Jason York Oceanside, California

Jason York is a Bass Player and Arranger. Influenced by Primus, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, Nick Cave, The Ramones, Ministry, and more. York creates music representing the wealth of styles that have inspired him throughout the years. He currently sings and plays bass for the San Diego band, Parade of Horribles; the band also organizes annual Punk Rock Food Drive events for local food banks. ... more

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Track Name: Anti-Intro
Look into the Sun
Listen to the wind
Reach into the earth
Make its heart your own

Taste the moon above
Smell the summer light
Open up your eyes
Liberate your mind

Mountains turn to dust
Lava turns to stone
Child hides in you
You are everything

Look into the Sun
Listen to the wind
Reach into the earth
I could change your life

Look into the Sun
Listen to the wind
I could start a fire
I could change your life
Track Name: Forever Half-Mast
What you see is what you get
What goes around comes around
If I clutter the waves with enough clichés
I might have the power to stay

And I don’t care if there’s no time left
I wanna see the world explode in Hi Def
Is this really something that’s worth living for?

I’m not gonna act like I’m not like the rest
If I busy my mind keeping man unkind
I can go on living my life
And I don’t know why the flag flies high
It’s gonna be forever half-mast in my eyes
Is there ever a day that someone doesn’t die?
Track Name: Sacrificial Anode
Please don’t die
Love in the wrong time
You don’t mind
Loving your own time
Track Name: Living is Not
You know
But you won’t give it away
Come on
Got something to say?

You don’t know
And I won’t tell you today
Hold on
To what I will not say

You know
You don’t know
You know
I don’t know

I think I need a change of pace
I’ve failed again
Living is not my finest quality
Track Name: Lilly's Song
I found a light
And it isn’t god but it shines upon me
Because I made it myself

It’s not a dream
It’s as real as heart disease
And that’s the way that it feels

My blood is plagued my the glorious warmth of a rising angel
And each day she shows me a piece of myself
And it makes me fear, and it makes me love, and it makes me hate
To look upon what she must overcome

I found a way
And it wasn’t in the place that I had been searching
And that’s no real surprise
And it feels like a lie when I look in the eyes
Of the one who I must be teaching
When I’ve still got so much to learn

But with a little help and a little more than one lifetime of patience
I may envision myself
As a man who leads, as a man who bleeds
With every ounce, every breath of being
For a girl who came in and completed my world

My blood is plagued by the glorious warmt
By the fear, by the love, by the angel whose rise
Is gonna gather all the stars in the sky
And that’ll never be good enough for her
Track Name: A World With No Apples
In a world with no apples
There’s no death or misery
Hang out with the animals
In pure stupidity

But the woman can’t be tamed
She had to poke around

She’s caused us so much pain
Now give me back my rib
Hang out with the animals
Around the living tree

But we’re naked and ashamed
Forced out of our home
Cursed to work this land
Until we turn to dust

And I’ll make me some sons
Start the shed of blood
Proud family tradition
That will last forever more

In a world with no apples
Swim in four rivers
Naked and unashamed
What have you done today?